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New DynoSim5 Includes
Pro Features From Dynomation-5

The newly released DynoSim5 represents a major step forward in powerful, yet affordable engine simulation technology. Collaborating with Motion Software, Inc, ProRacing Sim incorporated new simulation capabilities from Dynomation-5 (a designer-level simulation) into DynoSim5. Ignition timing and Ignition-Curve analysis plus Combustion-Chamber Modeling are just two of the many additions in DynoSim5.You'll also find much improved Forced-Induction modeling, enhanced results graphs and tables, comprehensive printouts, full compatibility with other Version-5 simulations, automatic updating over the web, and much more. Fully compatible with all versions of Windows™, including XP/Vista and Windows7, 8 and 10
(32 and 64 bit)

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NEW: Check out our newest video: Using Computers To Build Horsepower. This full 35-Minute HD Video provides an inside look at the Dynomation interface and usage techniques! Pros explain how you can get the most from this powerful Wave-Action simulation!

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ProRacing Sim is proud to announce a completely new lineup of six, powerful engine and vehicle simulations.


All Software Is Fully Compatible With
Windows XP, Vista, and Win7, 8 & 10
(32 and 64 bit)


Choose between our inexpensive, easy-to-use DeskTop5-Series or get our Top-Of-The-Line Sim5-Series technology. Both levels of software break all previous price and feature barriers!


DeskTop5 Series
Inexpensive, Easy To Use
Sim5 Series W/ProTools™
Full Feature Set, Pro Versions
Price: Under $50 each! Price: Under $100 each!
Individual Products: Individual Products:
  DeskTop Dyno5—Engine Simulation   DynoSim5—Engine Simulation
  DeskTop Drag5—Drag Vehicle Sim.   CamDisk-8—DynoSim5 Add-On
  DeskTop FastLap5—Road/Track Sim.   DragSim5—Drag Vehicle Sim.
    FastLapSim5—Road/Track Sim.
DeskTop5 Bundle Pricing: Sim5-Series Bundle Pricing:
Bundle Price: Under $100 for all! Bundle Price: Under $200 for all!
    Bundle (includes 3 products)     Bundle (includes 4 products)
    Includes: DeskTop Dyno5     Includes: DynoSim5
                   DeskTop Drag5                     CamDisk-8
                   Desktop FastLap5                     DragSim5

All simulations are fully compatible with all versions of Windows™, including XP/Vista and Windows7, 8 & 10 (32 and 64 bit).


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ProRacing Sim, LLC., is pleased to announce  Dynomation-5™ Full Wave-Dynamics Engine Simulation from Motion Software, Inc.

Setting new standards in simulation technology, Dynomation-5™ allows users to “look inside” a running engine and analyze the powerful wave dynamics controlling induction and exhaust flow. For the first time, anyone can explore the effects of runner lengths, port taper angles, header tubing and collector dimensions, cam timing, and much more.

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View Now:
Using Comptuers To Build Horsepower (second edition)

Motion Software and ProRacing Sim are pleased to present this professional, HD production. Reveals how engine simulation technology is used in development.
Watch It Now!

  Educational Discounts
Schools and educational institutions can now obtain inexpensive, multi-user site license packages of our popular simulations. All our software has been carefully designed for ease of use, and to support a “what-if” learning environment. We are dedicated to helping you teach in a classroom setting. For example, we will provide any 10-user site license for DynoSim5 for only $549.95, a cost equivalent to the purchase price of one full package plus nine additional packages at only $49.95 per package (50% off)! For more information visit our Educations License Page, or call: 901-259-2355. You may also mail your order to ProRacing Sim, LLC.


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